Organic Pest Control

Why organic or botanical? Well, in pesticides environmentally friendly doesn’t just mean the world at large or ‘green’ but your home environment. Organic or botanical pesticides are gentler to everyone in the home including pets. Organic or botanical pesticides can eliminate pests without making the home toxic to the people and animals.


When manufacturers first began to introduce botanical or organic pesticides for home use, most weren’t as successful as the chemically based ones. However the organic pesticides available to the professional exterminator are as successful which means have a home free from bedbugs while still being green is possible with the right Phoenix pest control company.

When looking for a Phoenix pest control company, make sure to include the words ‘organic’, ‘botanical’ or ‘green’ to your internet search. When talking to the companies, ask them which chemicals they use, how long they have been using them and what their success rate with eliminating Phoenix bed bugs. Ask for referrals and read the reviews of the company you are considering.

The right company will happily answer these questions along with others such as how well trained are their staff. Anyone can use the correct pesticides but if the pesticide is not applied in the best and safest manner, your bed bug problem will not be eliminated. A trained and licensed technician that knows the habits, biology, and habitats of the pest will get the job done in the most effective manner.

The right company with trained and licensed technicians can get rid of your bed bug infestation and soon have you and your family ‘sleeping tight’ with no further fears of bed bug bites.